What alternatives are available when it pertains to backpack

25/03/2014 11:31

From the beginning of time, the usage of backpack had always been common and it's one which finds its use irrespective of race and civilization. This is not surprising given the numerous essential uses of backpacks within our life. If you're say someone with passion for traveling and used to doing it by yourself (free-and-easy), you know how an excellent backpack can easily store all sort of belongings, from clothings to equipments to invaluables. For university students, the utilization of bags has evolved from a text-book carrier to laptop (or in these days tablet) carrier. Another use of backpacks is spotted among the fashionistas who carry them as fashion add-ons instead of anything notably useful. 

If you are investing in a new backpack, it's essential to determine exactly what purposes is your backpack expected to serve, eg. hiking vs trekking backpack. Your hunting - whether it is for the best backpacks for college or others - will be a good deal easier if this is clear to you from the beginning. I am saying this due to the fact backpack is a generic term and there are numerous backpack brands to select from, with each likely to have its own market dominance in specific needs or niches. Therefore the next time you are looking for the strongest hiking backpacks, you have to look at brands like Teton instead of High Sierra. From here alone, you can see how you can save time by narrowing down from the start and focus only to the brands that appeal to your unique purposes. 

How one chooses and shops for a backpack may be varying and it can be as easy as entering into a store, pick one that the sales promoter recommends and make your purchase. There's nothing bad with this method but you need to know that it'd take at the minimum several rounds of buying before you find yourself with one that you'll ultimately use for at least the following few years. If you want to improve the likelihood of choosing the most useful backpack for your specific requirements, then it's very important to go through backpack purchasing guides. You will find few basic discussions in most great backpack review, specifically fabric durability, compartment models, frame structure and the alternatives for a given budget range. 

One big segment of the backpack market will be the college students. When I say college student, it could sometimes be applicable to senior school though. Throughout my school years, I still recall vividly that I needed to carry many large textbooks and frequently, these were heavier than what my backpack can cater to. But lately, with the introduction of portable PCs with iPad and notebooks as the main driving forces, there has been a paradigm shift as it pertains to classroom teaching. The obvious revolution is the substitute of physical books with electronic books. On paper, this ought to be a relieve to students because it would mean that there will be less textbooks to bring to school which could only mean less heavier backpacks. In fact, it is never as good as it sounds. While e-book is weightless, laptop is practically a must for every university student and 17-inch laptop, that is becoming popular nowadays, might weigh up to 2kg. Ask any college student and they'll let you know that owning paper-light Macbook Air is the ultimate desire but it remains a luxury for some university students. 

Of the whole backpack consumer market, one significant market segment is made up of the adventure seekers. The term adventure is fairly universal and it includes such markets as camping, light climbing and professional climbing. Jansport will be the first brand that comes to most people's thoughts when referring to backpack. While it is definitely one of the great manufacturer, it is good to note that they are known for producing the best college backpacks as opposed to adventure. One particular brand that a lot of outdoor enthusiasts like to choose is Tetron. Be warned though that the best adventure backpacks, say a backpack that is optimally designed for hiking,, will not be one that comes with the best visual appeal. 

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In my final analysis, I strongly believe that backpack will continue to find its uses in many aspects of our livelihood and it is something that will never go out of relevancy. It is nonetheless, something that will continuously evolve consistent with the life-style needs and fashion trends. If you wonder what would the dimension of backpacks take the future, I'm certain no one has the guaranteed answer. It's a problem where the answer will be dependant on how thin and small potential computing devices will be. With the hype surrounding foldable screen technology, it's a matter of when (and perhaps not if) this technology will become a reality and when that happens, notebook sizes will absolutely shrink to half or even less than their current sizes. Ultimately, backpack producers will have to come up with a design that optimally fits the new gadgets.